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Church Notes

I am a diligent Sunday sermon note taker and I keep them carefully archived in the back seat floorboard of my car… right next to my emergency cans of Kroger butter toffee peanuts.

Comic Panel Process

My publisher has given me permission to share a few things from the comic book series I’m working on. I typically start with a really rough page layout and then create an equally rough sketch for each individual panel. I work my drawing out with a pencil… uhm… for those of you… Continue Reading “Comic Panel Process”

Parental Wisdom

I scribbled this fellow into my sketchbook last night while watching the news and then slopped about fifteen minutes of color on him for good measure… and, yes, I heard something to this effect quite often as a kid…

Making A Guest Appearance

Quarto Publishing just released a new drawing book by Carlos Gomes Cabral and I was asked to make a “guest artist” appearance in it… and this is it.

Not To Worry

In my fascinating blog post yesterday about ice skates, you might have noticed the picture of the little girl I had started drawing and some of you might have been really concerned about her lack of hair because I know how some of you are… 🙂… Continue Reading “Not To Worry”

Concept To Finish

I just finished up a job that was chocked full of black and white illustration. I took one of the small spots, added some color to it, and here you can see my process from start to finish.

Vintage Leather Aviator Cap

I think maybe the only thing cooler looking than a World War 2 Tank Helmet is a vintage leather aviator cap. I was recently asked to make a guest appearance in a fellow artist’s “how to” drawing book and was asked to contribute a couple of tips and a few pictures for it. Given total… Continue Reading “Vintage Leather Aviator Cap”

Blue Erasable Pencils

I almost always start figuring my pictures out with a blue erasable pencil, specifically the Prismacolor Col-Erase 20044. I cannot explain why, but starting with the blue pencil somehow magically makes drawing much easier… well… for me anyway.

2013/2014 Digital SketchBook

In a desperate attempt to catch up to present times, I have combined my 2013 and 2014 sketchbooks into one volume. These digital sketchbooks can be viewed on most modern devices using the free Kindle App. The Dennis Jones 2013-14 Digital Sketchbook is now… Continue Reading “2013/2014 Digital SketchBook”

2012 Sketchbook Available Now

The quest to get my older sketchbooks online continues… The 2012 Dennis Jones SketchBook is now available Here On Amazon.

2011 Sketchbook Now Available

My 2011 Kindle Sketchbook is now loaded up and available on Amazon. As I looked back through these pictures, I was reminded that I was really busy that year working on three different lines of curriculum. At night to wind down, I was reading epic fantasy and playing Skyrim… Continue Reading “2011 Sketchbook Now Available”

$1.99? …that’s almost FREE!!

Over the past several years, I have been exploring options on how best to provide digital content. There are so many different digital readers on the market today and they each require their files to be built in different formats with miles of rules and regulations attached to each… Continue Reading “$1.99? …that’s almost FREE!!”

Chicago Bear Sermon Notes

You never know where my sermon notes are going to end up. This week a sad little Chicago Bear looks hopelessly at the focal passage of the Sunday morning sermon and contemplates how it relates to his dismal football season……and yes, I did buy… Continue Reading “Chicago Bear Sermon Notes”

Realistically Speaking

I’ve made a living for a lot of years drawing ridiculously goofy pictures, but every once in a while a project comes along where I’m asked to ratchet up the realism just a bit.


The carnival was in town, and even though William Wallace had an epic battle scheduled for the next morning, he and his friends still visited the face painting booth. …the last picture is a little something for Hearthstone players. 🙂