$1.99? …that’s almost FREE!!


Over the past several years, I have been exploring options on how best to provide digital content. There are so many different digital readers on the market today and they each require their files to be built in different formats with miles of rules and regulations attached to each one. Because I have not wanted to build the same product over and over again to fit every different device in existence, I have hesitated in moving forward into this arena. I have finally decided to focus in on Amazon’s Kindle Reader, and this is the reason why… the Kindle App seems to cross the most barriers and can be installed and used on almost any device.

With that decision made, time for the hard part… me trying to learn the ins and outs of creating a digital book for Kindle. Having to start somewhere, I took my 2010 Sketchbook and created the DENNIS JONES SKETCHBOOK 2010 with it. It has over fifty pages of pencil drawings and full color illustrations.


Now I have a favor to ask… could a few of you with digital readers beta test this for me? If I could give it to you for free, I would, but Amazon doesn’t work that way and the lowest price I can sell it for is $1.99… but hey, $1.99 is still pretty cheap, right?! What I really need now is some feedback…

…does everything work properly? …is it formatted correctly? …are the pictures of high enough resolution? …thoughts in general about the product? …too long? too short? …what direction should I head in with digital products? I would really appreciate any kind of feedback you could give me here.

You can find the DENNIS JONES SKETCHBOOK 2010 HERE on Amazon. Thanks!

8 Comments on “$1.99? …that’s almost FREE!!

  1. Dennis,

    Just got your new sketchbook and I think it is great! I have been using Kindle for a couple of years now on my iPad and I like the ability to carry my whole library with me. My library consist of two primary topics – World War 2 historical books from several different authors and theological books from great thinkers like Arthur Pink, Jonathan Edwards and John Darby ( I generally read from those authors who are no longer alive and hence are not able “mess up” their theology (like too many contemporary authors).

    I think your sketchbook is an outstanding look into your ideas in pencil and the occasional addition of a completed color rendering really kept me turning the pages in anticipation of what was coming next and which one got the “finished treatment”. The pages seemed to not be formatted exactly for my iPad – they are taller and don’t fill the page’s width but are not cropped so all of the image is there. I don’t know how other readers are formatted, my only experience is with iPad. My WWII books have photos that can be enlarged by “pinching out” and their resolution is increased as you zoom in. This is a pretty nice feature for some of the detailed maps. While I can “pinch zoom” the sketches and artwork, the resolution does not increase. I don’t think this is necessary because the sketches are very clear at the native resolution but is a feature I would like to see as a graphic artist.

    I don’t think you could make the book too short – the more included the better for me and I hope you will add to this library. This is one I will return to often and I find plenty of possibilities for 3d miniatures from your characters.

    I look forward to your next book and always enjoy seeing your new blog creations…

    Walter Vail

    Design and Production

    Showcase Miniatures imageReplicas

    13536 County Road 45 Tuskegee, AL. 36083 334-750-3529


    • Hi Walter. I remember when the digital revolution started and the main beef designers had was there were no uniform standards… and there still aren’t any. Apple is doing it’s thing and Kindle, Lenovo, Google, Blackberry, Samsung and all the others are doing their things… and everyones screen and resolution is whatever they decide they want it to be… which creates a few problems when you try to cross platforms. Since this is built to be purchased in the Amazon store I built it on Kindle specs (which seem to be slightly more vertical). I’m a Mac guy and I have this on my iPad viewing it with the Kindle App… I see what you are talking about as far as cropping goes, but everything is there… I think it is just a cross platform kinda thing… I’m such an expert… I have built a whopping one of these. ha

  2. $1.99? who could pass that up! I checked it out on my Samsung tablet No troubles with download or resolution. Would liked to have seen some comments about your thoughts and ideas for your sketches.

    • Mike, you want to see my thoughts and ideas?? Mike, you know I don’t have any thoughts or ideas about ANYTHING! I’m just doing stuff! ha. Thanks for buying my sketchbook!

  3. Bought it! Love it! A great collection of your art and sketches from 2010. It’s amazing to see the ideas, the sketches and the completed inking and color work.

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