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Hoggin’ The Biscuit

Sure, the pig was a pretty good stick handler, but no one else ever got a chance to shoot when he was on the ice.. he was a puck hog.

Sprocket Weasel Bike Club

…it was three in the morning, I couldn’t sleep, I wandered into my studio and the next thing I knew I had created a Strava Bicycle Club that I called Sprocket Weasels and it had a picture of a fox in a bowler hat?… Continue Reading “Sprocket Weasel Bike Club”

Super Bowl Guarantee

This years Super Bowl features the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers. A lot of people are calling it the Joe Montana Bowl because he played quarterback for both teams… which is why Joe Montana is currently guaranteeing that his old team… Continue Reading “Super Bowl Guarantee”

National Championship Game

LSU and Clemson play in the college football national championship game on Monday night and since the Georgia Bulldogs did NOT make it this year we will probably NOT be seeing that many dog piles during the game.

Tour De Donut

I was on a diet, but I donut care anymore because the Tour De Donut is right around the corner!!

Tour de Donut

What if I told you there was a bicycle race where your ability to eat donuts was just as important as your ability to ride a bike fast? This summer in Troy, Ohio the Tour De Donut will take place. It is a timed… Continue Reading “Tour de Donut”

Chiefs Minus Star Running Back

Kansas City Chief running back Jamaal Charles will miss the rest of the football season with a torn ACL. Coach Andy Reid says there is definitely a “sense of urgency” to replace him… …might I humbly suggest they look into just how busy Christian Okoye… Continue Reading “Chiefs Minus Star Running Back”

Geaux Vous Tigres!

Last night our refrigerator died a horrible death, so Karen and I made the best of a bad situation and ate ice cream like there was no tomorrow. Today while waiting for the repairman to come save us, I scribbled this picture out for the LSU peeps in my family… Continue Reading “Geaux Vous Tigres!”

Notre Dame FUMBLE!

As a good lil Hoosier who lives 30 minutes away from South Bend, all I wanted to do on Saturday night was see how Notre Dame did playing Clemson in a monsoon. To kill time as I waited for the game, I scratched out this picture.… Continue Reading “Notre Dame FUMBLE!”

Music City Bowl 2014

My son Nick (a Notre Dame fan) and his wife Rachel (an LSU fan) will be here over the holidays. While here, their two teams will be playing in the Music City Tackle Football Bowl and I can hardly wait to watch that game… Continue Reading “Music City Bowl 2014”

Chicago Bear Sermon Notes

You never know where my sermon notes are going to end up. This week a sad little Chicago Bear looks hopelessly at the focal passage of the Sunday morning sermon and contemplates how it relates to his dismal football season……and yes, I did buy… Continue Reading “Chicago Bear Sermon Notes”

Upgrading To Yosemite

Anytime you change operating systems you can expect trouble somewhere, and when I upgraded my OS to Yosemite it created a couple of Cintiq issues for me. I needed to figure the problematic areas out by rendering a piece of artwork, so I grabbed this… Continue Reading “Upgrading To Yosemite”

Indiana Pacers Basketball

…ok, this is just coming from an uneducated Hoosier point of view, but it seems to me that the Indiana Pacers are playing some really BaAaAaA–D BaAaAaA–SKETBALL right now… …and yes, that was a juvenile, grade school sheep joke.

You Don’t Look Like A Golfer

A few years ago, my youngest son spent a summer at home and convinced me we should be golfing every Saturday. I’m not a golfer and I don’t have clubs, so he scrounged around and put a set together for me to play with. Most… Continue Reading “You Don’t Look Like A Golfer”

Scuba Certification

I had an assignment to draw a kid underwater in scuba gear… I drew him with his mouth wide open… I apparently do not quite grasp the entire scuba diving underwater concept.