Bob decided it would probably be a whole lot easier to forage for mushrooms at his local grocery store.

Summer Time

It’s officially June so I guess summer is kinda here… let the chariot races begin!

Headed To The show

No, this is not a self portrait… but I did have a white belt just like that in high school… and a mustard colored leisure suit now that I think about it… and some blue and yellow suede platform shoes… and several very stylish long collar shirts with puffy sleeves…

…maybe this is a self portrait and I just didn’t know it.

Shepherd Boy

I’m working on some fun new things for children’s ministry!

Braveheart Part Two

Here’s something fun… back in 2014 I posted a little color sketch of William Wallace. Sergio Clemente from Spain just did a 3-d render of it and I think he did an excellent job!

The Hanging Judge

Here’s something I worked on last summer that was a lot of fun. It’s the first in a series of old west stories, THE HANGING JUDGE. When we were initially talking about the project, I suggested that the books should look like worn out old paperbacks that a cowboy might have pulled out of his saddlebag and that the interior pages should be similarly antique looking. The editors thought that was a pretty good idea and we were off and running. What a great bunch of people to work for!


Making A New Friend

I was a big fan of the old comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. I really liked the way Calvin’s world revolved around his imaginary tiger friend Hobbes.  

I decided it was time for me to make my own imaginary tiger friend, so I went to the fabric store, grabbed black, orange and white fleece, and asked for a half yard of each. The girl looked at my selection of materials and said, “making something for halloween?” and I said “uhm… maybe.” Then I took my cut fabric to the register to pay for it and the lady there said, “making something for halloween?”

…so Hobbes and I are planning to go trick or treating together next halloween!!