Dennis Jones Online Store

Over the years, I’ve made my artwork available to the public in a variety of different ways but it’s hard to meet everyones needs. Some want it for powerpoint presentations, some want it for websites, others want pictures for the wall. I can’t offer enough different products to meet all the various needs so I’m going to try something different, I’m just going to offer the artwork… no products. I’ve built an online store where you can buy digital downloads of my art and then YOU can make whatever product YOU want with it. DENNIS JONES.ART

Today, digital photo printing gives anyone the ability to create all sorts of unique products. Posters, teaching pictures, canvas prints, coffee mugs, post cards, t-shirts for your dog… the list goes on and on. Just look at the variety of products that can be made at a local Walmart Store. WALMART PHOTO PRINTING

If you’re interested in using my pictures, drop in to DENNIS JONES.ART and take a look. This is a work in progress. I’ll be adding artwork to the site randomly so check back occasionally to see what’s new… and if you don’t see exactly what you want, drop me an email and I’ll check my files. Maybe I can find something that will work for you. 


E6:11 Update

Back in 1996, I did a book series that featured a pretty diverse collection of really random ideas. The editor and I were both big hockey fans, so we made sure this concept made it into the final mix. Since the Stanley Cup Playoffs are going on right now, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit our Ephesians 6:11 hockey analogy with a brand new piece of art. 

Art Club

I’m in Art Club at church. It’s a pretty exclusive club. Just me and Ava. The first rule of Art Club: don’t talk about Art Club… or is that fight club? I forget. Anyway, a few weeks ago when the sermon was over and the ceremonial exchanging of pictures was taking place, I noticed Ava had her dad write a note on one of her drawings that said “can you draw me a werewolf?” The cutesy picture of a bunny that I had just handed her was apparently a bit mild for her tastes… so Ava, I apologize for taking so long, I know promptness is supposed to be one of our Art Club virtues, but… better late than never… here’s your werewolf.

Elden Ring

My favorite kind of game to play on the Xbox is a third person, open world game where you get to customize a unique character and then wander around aimlessly in a giant world looking for adventure. I just started a new game, spent forever getting my character just right, jumped into the world and discovered the character always has a helmet on covering his face… what?? I worked for an hour getting that face just right! So I did this picture of my character. At least he can appear here without having his face covered up…

2023 Sermon Notes

If you’re an artist and live anywhere near Fort Wayne, Indiana you might want to visit our church. You get a free pen and drawing paper when you walk in the door!!

Hatfields & McCoys

I’m trying to keep these two pictures separated with this line of text in order to avoid trouble…

The Garden

A few years ago, I did several pieces of artwork for the kids area of Living Stones Church in Crown Point, Indiana. As I was looking through my files today, I ran across some work I did for the entrance to their children’s section. This illustration was for an irregular shaped wall with a big doorway in the middle (the picture has a huge void in the center of it) so I clipped out a few of the perimeter areas to show here.

Mystery Solved

I’m currently illustrating a Bible story found in First Kings 17 and 18. After doing extensive research into the subject I have determined that the ravens in the story were probably feeding Elijah scraps of Old Trapper Beef Jerky…

…but don’t quote me on that.

Batmobile Concept Work

Here’s some of the concept work I did on the Cryptozoic “Pattinson” Batmobile collectable. When I was a kid, muscle cars were really popular. My older brother had a bunch of Hot Rod CARtoons Magazines (basically Mad Magazine for car enthusiasts) and when he wasn’t around I would sneak those magazines out and draw those “Rat Fink” hot rods on my Big Chief Tablet. That experience sure comes in handy on jobs like this… I’m talking about the drawing part… not the sneaking around part…

Pattinson Batmobile

This was a fun project to work on. I got to see top secret photo’s of “THE BATMAN” (2022) movie car before the film released and then worked with Cryptozoic Entertainment to designed their new “Pattinson Batmobile” collectable… and it has finally made it to pre-order!! You can take a look at it here.

Stephan Ehl did the sensational 3-d sculpt. Stephan and I worked together previously on the Cryptozoic ’66 Batmoble collectable. He is one amazingly talented guy.  


Winter jokes from nine and ten year old kiddos.

Photographic Memory

Bob never missed a beat in any song… he had turtle-recall.

Baaa-d To The Bone

The job I’m currently working on tasks me with drawing a rock band made up of animals and the assignment said the guitar player was to be a sheep that’s “Baaa-d To The Bone” …so I used a band mate of mine from church, Nick Boycott for inspiration. Nick has been known to occasionally break into a wide power stance and shred out a praise song or two for us 🙂

Mr. Fuzzy

Fall has arrived and it felt like time to grab a needle ‘n thread and cobble up a Mr. Fuzzy.


I will occasionally take on a commission from an individual person and this is one I did a few years ago. A really great story idea on this one!