Sermon notes 07/18/21

Last Sundays sermon was based on the little boy who gave his lunch of two fish and five delicious buttermilk biscuits to Jesus to feed a crowd of 5000. I was only able to get one of those two fish drawn before the end of the service. It woulda taken a miracle to get both of them drawn…

The Cheating Little Cheater

A few years ago I created a comic book based on the Biblical story of Zacchaeus called THE CHEATING LITTLE CHEATER. I made it so I would have something to sell at a comic-con I was doing in Kokomo, Indiana. I only have one of those little comic books left. Recently, I tore it apart digitally and reassembled it as a motion video. That version of the comic book is now available at WorshipHouseKids for churches to use… 

…and if you should want one, it plays on personal tablets as well.   

time lapse sermon notes

When I’m scheduled to play guitar or bass at church it’s a REALLY long haul. My church does three services on Sundays so I typically roll out of bed around six in the morning and then leave church around one in the afternoon. After the first service, I hang out in our green room with the rest of the band and singers to make sure we’re all on the same page and don’t need to make any changes. For the second and third services I usually sit in the congregation and draw on my iPad… I mean… take NOTES on my iPad. We are currently going through a sermon series on the book of John and here’s my iPad sermon notes from last Sunday.

Pool Party



Bob decided it would probably be a whole lot easier to forage for mushrooms at his local grocery store.

Summer Time

It’s officially June so I guess summer is kinda here… let the chariot races begin!

Headed To The show

No, this is not a self portrait… but I did have a white belt just like that in high school… and a mustard colored leisure suit now that I think about it… and some blue and yellow suede platform shoes… and several very stylish long collar shirts with puffy sleeves…

…maybe this is a self portrait and I just didn’t know it.