Mr. Fuzzy

Fall has arrived and it felt like time to grab a needle ‘n thread and cobble up a Mr. Fuzzy.


I will occasionally take on a commission from an individual person and this is one I did a few years ago. A really great story idea on this one!

The Brightest Thing In The Ocean?

I was searching through my email this morning and ran across this note that one of my publishers forwarded to me. The world would be a better place if we all encouraged each other this way 🙂


I haven’t done Biblical illustration in quite some time, but a couple of months ago I had the opportunity to do a whole series of illustrations for the story of Samson. It was pretty fun to be drawing Bible characters again!

Ole PumkinHead

So here’s something I think is going to be totally awesome. Rick Cantu is using a picture I did back in 2014 and turning it into a 3-D lighted sculpture. I love it. Ha! The brass tube front legs will be where he runs the wiring to light the head up and the feet, arms and miscellaneous other doodads with be mounted later. I can hardly wait to see this finished pumpkin light!

Camp Cale

Hidden in pine trees behind the outer banks of North Carolina, you’ll find a fabulous little place called Camp Cale. For years there, stories have been told around the campfire of the epic wilderness adventures that Old Joe and his pet squirrel Goldie have had. This year for the first time, campers are actually going to get to see what Old Joe and Goldie look like!


No need for shoes if you can go bear foot.

One For Old Time Sake

I got my start in the “professional” art world by drawing caricatures in amusement parks (you can read about it here) but I don’t really like to do caricatures because there’s too much pressure to capture a resemblance so it’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a caricature of ANYBODY… but it was kinda fun to do this one of a really good guy, Derwin Gray.

Hoggin’ The Biscuit

Sure, the pig was a pretty good stick handler, but no one else ever got a chance to shoot when he was on the ice.. he was a puck hog.

Early Riser

Fun fact… ducks typically get going very early in the day… usually at the quack of dawn.

Stuffed Teddy Bears

It was difficult to sell food at the teddy bear factory because no one was hungry… the teddy bears were already stuffed.

Call In The Expert

It was going to be a tough case to figure out, so the police commissioner assigned it to the alligator that always wore a vest. He was, after all, the very best inVESTigator they had.

Derwin Gray

When we moved to Indiana back in the 90’s, Derwin Gray played safety for the Indianapolis Colts. Today he is the pastor of Transformation Church in North Carolina. I’m currently listening to his sermon series on Jonah. I think he’s a pretty awesome preacher.

Five Minute Countdowns

I’m trying something a bit different on WorshipHouse Kids. I’ve loaded up a couple of five minute countdown videos that feature me drawing a picture from start to finish. I call them Drawing Board Countdowns. I don’t know if this will be anything people have a need for… but ya never know until you try. Here’s a condensed 20 second version of it.

Scientifically speaking

A little known fact about dinosaurs… one of them was such a bad driver, scientists nicknamed it Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.