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Art Club

I’m in Art Club at church. It’s a pretty exclusive club. Just me and Ava. The first rule of Art Club: don’t talk about Art Club… or is that fight club? I forget. Anyway, a few weeks ago when the sermon was over and… Continue Reading “Art Club”


I will occasionally take on a commission from an individual person and this is one I did a few years ago. A really great story idea on this one!

Summer Time

It’s officially June so I guess summer is kinda here… let the chariot races begin!

Theodore Bump

One of the very first storybook jobs I ever got was a two book series about a little boy called Theodore Bump. Several decades later the author contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a third Theodore Bump book… absolutely!… Continue Reading “Theodore Bump”

Halloween Forecast

The weather forecast here for Halloween… rain and possible snow… which means no trick-or-treaters at my house… which also means I get to eat the Halloween candy all by myself… scoreboard!

Ghouls Night Out

I usually go to the store this time of year and stock up on candy for the Trick-Or-Treaters, then turn off all the lights at my house on Halloween night, pretend I’m not home and then eat the leftover Halloween candy on Sunday afternoon… Continue Reading “Ghouls Night Out”

Crayon Kids 04

Ok, the last one of these for the week.

Crayon Kids 03

Another one of the “crayon kids” …although this one is holding a paintbrush for some reason.

Crayon Kids 02

Here’s another one of those “crayon kids”.

Crayon Kids 01

Because of client confidentiality, I can never post work that I am CURRENTLY working on, I have to wait until the client publishes it first and by that time I’ve pretty much forgotten that I ever did it because I’m immersed in whatever my… Continue Reading “Crayon Kids 01”

Groundhogs Day

Do you remember Highlights Magazine? Seventy years in publication and still going strong. Groundhogs Day is February 2 and the groundhog and I are making an appearance on the Highlights cover this month.

Not To Worry

In my fascinating blog post yesterday about ice skates, you might have noticed the picture of the little girl I had started drawing and some of you might have been really concerned about her lack of hair because I know how some of you are… 🙂… Continue Reading “Not To Worry”


It seems that summer is coming to a close and fall is just around the corner… I guess it’s time for Halloween pictures. I posted a few on my Behance portfolio site. You can see them by Clicking Here.

Another Wall Mural

Here’s another wall I did for the church in Memphis. On this one I was asked to use their existing logo and create a bunch of children interacting with it in some way.

Little Red-Haired Girl

I was doing character development this afternoon and one of the things I drew was this little red-haired girl. It reminded me of the old Peanuts comic strip and Charlie Brown who, if memory serves me, was quite enamored with little red-haired girls.