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Puttin’ On The Ritz

A little idea from my sketchbook that made the jump to color.

Concept To Finish

I just finished up a job that was chocked full of black and white illustration. I took one of the small spots, added some color to it, and here you can see my process from start to finish.

Indiana Pacers Basketball

…ok, this is just coming from an uneducated Hoosier point of view, but it seems to me that the Indiana Pacers are¬†playing some really BaAaAaA–D BaAaAaA–SKETBALL right now… …and yes, that was a juvenile, grade school sheep joke.

Chicken Willie

Yep… this is typically what happens when my brother-in-law and I combine our massive IQ’s and brainstorm kazillion dollar ideas together…

Jousting Peeps

Some felt that Sir Rocky Raccoon of Black Mountain Hill took unfair advantage of the rather loose jousting rules at the tournament…

Turtle Tank

General Moture’s surprise attack from the woods was truly a stroke of genius.¬†Unfortunately, riding a turtle for the surprise attack was not a great idea.


The History Channel has a new tv series called Vikings and after watching an episode or two I have come to the conclusion that those viking guys were some pretty rough customers, although not quite as bad as a couple of hockey defensemen I… Continue Reading “Vikings”

Starting On A New Board Game

I am getting started on a new board game that is really going to be fun to work on. I did this piece as a sort of “warm up” to get my creative juices flowing. If you have any ideas for a fun, fantasy… Continue Reading “Starting On A New Board Game”

A Higher Calling

Some people are asked to design rocket ships that will fly to the moon and back… I am asked to draw a squirrel, a possum, a bird and a rat in moose antlers pretending they’re on a boat…

Back To School

The holidays are over and it’s time for the kiddos to get back to school… even if they are bugs…

The Creature From The Black Lagoon

This is a quick bit of art I just did for my church. It looks like the sermon series right after Christmas is headed off in a very traditional direction.

Lizard King

One of the medium sized characters for the board game.

RedWood Rider

I wanted to get  a size relationship on one of these creatures I created, so I tossed a guy on his back and put him next to a stand of redwood trees.

Big Brother

Another creature from the board game I’m working on. This is one of my big guys. I think gamers refer to fellows like this as “tanks”.

Little Red Robbing Hood

Another one of the animals I came up with for the board game I’m working on. There will be four little teams of varmints with three characters on each team. I decided there should be a small, medium and large creature on each team. Here is one… Continue Reading “Little Red Robbing Hood”