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How I Draw Hands

I received an email this morning from Doug down in South Africa. He asked if I could give him a lesson on how to construct “Dennis Jones” hands. That reminded me of a job I did a few years ago. I was designing characters to be animated and I whipped… Continue Reading “How I Draw Hands”

2nd Annual Walk Into My Future Day

I woke up on Wednesday… deja vu… and found myself once again standing in front of small groups of children showing them how they, too… can draw goofy pictures… just like me. It was the second annual Walk Into My Future Day at Huntington University. Here are a few… Continue Reading “2nd Annual Walk Into My Future Day”

Walk Into My Future Day

Yesterday was “Walk Into My Future” day at Huntington University. I would conservatively estimate that there were 47 to 48 gazillion kids there. The university had all sorts of things for these youngsters to learn, see and do… and one of those things was a ten minute, how… Continue Reading “Walk Into My Future Day”

How To Draw A Camel

OK boys and girls, grab some crayons and a piece of paper and I’ll show you how to draw a crazy looking camel! This is an experimental, “what if we did this” video I created for a client.