2012 Sketchbook Available Now


The quest to get my older sketchbooks online continues…


The 2012 Dennis Jones SketchBook is now available Here On Amazon.

5 Comments on “2012 Sketchbook Available Now

  1. Dennis, I tried to buy your last Sketchbook using my iPhone but Amazon said no go on the phone so I’m going to try and buy it using both my wife’s iPad and my Scrappy Android LG tablet.

    I’ll post the results here soon as I get done with that later today.


      • Yes! I found that out…I downloaded the Kindle app but sadly It says that I also need a 7.0 (can’t remember) or higher OS on the iPad to use that app! (dratz). My wife’s iPad is an old 1st generation iPad with a nice big glass scratch running down the middle of it courtesy of the grandson so she doesn’t want to change the OS since we’re getting her a new one here soon.

        Oh, the pleasures of technology…gone are the days when you listened to baseball games on the same radio your grandfather did and used the same telephone as Grandma bought new when she first got married!

        Todays technology seems to require an OS, hardware, or some other kind of update every other year or so to use it properly.

        I’ll try this free ($1) Android tablet I got with my latest iPhone here later today and post those results but not holding my breath!

        Sorry, but no help to you on this yet.


          • Dennis, they had to twist my arm to take it! we’re Apple people and I tried to tell them that we didn’t want it but he said it’s only a $1 when you buy or upgrade to a new iPhone 6 and that’s what we did. He said don’t use it or give it away? I ended up keeping it to take to some of our auto shows just to show some people our website and it’s easier to swipe CC’s on it than my phone.

            Go online or to you nearest AT&T store and check it out maybe the deal is still going?

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