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Making A New Friend

I was a big fan of the old comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. I really liked the way Calvin’s world revolved around his imaginary tiger friend Hobbes.   I decided it was time for me to make my own imaginary tiger friend, so I… Continue Reading “Making A New Friend”

The Few Issue Five

The story continues in issue five. THE FEW Comic Book Series is now available for purchase on Amazon in digital form. These are Kindle books and can be viewed on almost any device by using the FREE Kindle app. You can see them HERE.

Wraparound Covers

The first three issues of THE FEW had wraparound covers. Here’s the one for episode two. These are available now on AMAZON as Kindle books and can be viewed on almost any device by using the free Kindle app. You can see them HERE.

Creating A Few Panels

The next three issues of THE FEW are officially underway. Here’s a snapshot of how I create a single panel of art for a page in the comic. I take the written script, “massage” the text to make it work in a picture format,… Continue Reading “Creating A Few Panels”

Suiting Up THE FEW

Developing the character costumes for THE FEW COMIC BOOK SERIES was an interesting riddle to solve. The Few takes place in a distant future, so the characters needed to have some sort of distinctive futuristic look. The tricky part was that a four part… Continue Reading “Suiting Up THE FEW”

Limited Availability

While the general public is not able (at this time) to get the new comic books, rumor has it there are copies floating about… but you kinda have to drive to Falls Creek, Oklahoma to acquire one.

Behind The Scenes

A look behind the curtain as Todd and I put a comic book together. Dennis: Hey Todd, how ’bout something like this for the cover on the first comic.  Todd: Looks good, let’s do it. (a couple of days later) Dennis: Ok Todd, the covers are done. Here’s… Continue Reading “Behind The Scenes”