Church Notes

I am a diligent Sunday sermon note taker and I keep them carefully archived in the back seat floorboard of my car… right next to my emergency cans of Kroger butter toffee peanuts.

5 Comments on “Church Notes

  1. Wow, Dennis. Those are some deep spiritual notes there!

  2. I’d love to hear those sermons – especially the ones about warriors, dinosaurs and robot football players! :o) Does anyone look over your shoulder while you’re doing those?

    • Dave, you probably would love the sermons at my church. My dog n cat notes came directly from our pastor speculating on what a dog and cat conversation might sound like. The guy with the knife and top knot is from the David cuts a piece of Saul’s robe off story. Balaam’s donkey was mentioned one Sunday as was Jurassic Park. But the football players… well, I can’t really justify the football players. 🙂

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