Comic Panel Process


My publisher has given me permission to share a few things from the comic book series I’m working on. I typically start with a really rough page layout and then create an equally rough sketch for each individual panel. I work my drawing out with a pencil… uhm… for those of you who may not be acquainted with a pencil, it is a piece of wood with graphite magically trapped inside it. You can hold a pencil in your hand and smear gray marks on paper with it. (I will explain what paper is in a future blog post.) I then scan a tight pencil drawing into my computer and do the color and finishing work with Photoshop.


9 Comments on “Comic Panel Process

  1. Hi Dennis.. im heavily influenced by your amazing artwork.. im an old skol graffitti writer and many people say positive things about the characters I paint of yours.. im sorry I haven’t credited you re my art but I just wanted to let you know many thanks for your inspirational work.. I shall endeavour to send you some pics of my paintings if you’d like to see them.. have a great new year sir.. thanks n apologies for using your drawings.. Barry Walsh..

  2. Hi Dennis, Happy New Year!

    Can you please let me know where I can find your Batmobile again to purchase it? I would like to get it for my hubby!

    Thank you, Valerie J

    • Hi Valerie… Let me get some information together and I will post it here so anyone else that might be interested can also find their way to the Batmobiles.

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