How I Draw Hands


I received an email this morning from Doug down in South Africa. He asked if I could give him a lesson on how to construct “Dennis Jones” hands. That reminded me of a job I did a few years ago. I was designing characters to be animated and I whipped out this quick style guide for the guys in California. This is pretty much everything that goes into my limited thought process when it comes to creating hands.

5 Comments on “How I Draw Hands

  1. Thank you Dennis for your prompt reply.
    I appreciate your will to freely part with your valuable knowledge and genius.

  2. Dennis, thank you for your willingness to allow me to “look behind the curtain” at your artwork. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I had a chance to meet your brother when he was working in Nashville many years ago, and together, y’all have some inspiring work going on. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Dennis,
    Is this your only “How to Draw” page out there that you have available? I’m a big fan of your work… and I’ve been drawing for a living out at Disney since about 2000. But I have yet to find any tutorial books anywhere. This page looks like it’s part of a compilation of something larger. Do you have anything like that available to purchase somewhere?

    I saw that you had some sketchbooks available. Do those contain stuff like this page? Or just sketches? Just curious?

    • Hi Esly… I don’t have any “how to” books published. If you dig around on this blog you might find a few tips and there might be something helpful on my YouTube site. The digital sketchbooks are just my personal sketchbooks from a few years back. I keep planning to create and post more “how to” things, but grinding away at my work tends to eat up all my available art time. Thanks for your interest.

      • Thanks for responding Dennis. Yeah, I can stare at your blog all day long! And I definitely do when I can. lol.

        Well, if you ever do get to squeeze-in time into making your own ‘Learn To Draw’ book someday, I guarantee it would fly off the bookstore shelves. You have such beautiful intricate work to admire & learn from. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. The bible books you have published rock! Our family loves them!

        May you have a Happy New Year in 2018!


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