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Crayon Kids 04

Ok, the last one of these for the week.

Crayon Kids 03

Another one of the “crayon kids” …although this one is holding a paintbrush for some reason.

Crayon Kids 02

Here’s another one of those “crayon kids”.

Crayon Kids 01

Because of client confidentiality, I can never post work that I am CURRENTLY working on, I have to wait until the client publishes it first and by that time I’ve pretty much forgotten that I ever did it because I’m immersed in whatever my… Continue Reading “Crayon Kids 01”

Not To Worry

In my fascinating blog post yesterday about ice skates, you might have noticed the picture of the little girl I had started drawing and some of you might have been really concerned about her lack of hair because I know how some of you are… 🙂… Continue Reading “Not To Worry”

Bacon Hair

Several years ago a client told me they really liked the bacon hair I put on all my people…

Even More Kids For The Blog

The kids I draw have either been eating a lot of chocolate or hanging out at the coffee shop… one way or the other, heavily caffeinated.

More Kids For The Blog

As an illustrator, my job is to create illustrations that fit in and around type. Over the years, I’ve been given some pretty odd shapes to fill with a picture. I did these four kids a while back and apparently they are each supposed… Continue Reading “More Kids For The Blog”

This Blog Is Sadly Kidless

I just noticed that I have no pictures of kids on my blog. I’m going to quickly throw this image up and now I’m going to dig through my picture morgue for a bunch more…