Blue Erasable Pencils


I almost always start figuring my pictures out with a blue erasable pencil, specifically the Prismacolor Col-Erase 20044. I cannot explain why, but starting with the blue pencil somehow magically makes drawing much easier… well… for me anyway.

2 Comments on “Blue Erasable Pencils

  1. While the guy holding the pencil makes the most difference, I think starting in blue (or another color for that matter) puts you at ease since you know your lines aren’t permanent at this point and don’t have to be perfect. The color reinforces this I think. Also drawing with wax instead of graphite seems to be more fluid and gives you a better gesture since it is slicker. I also like the fact that most colored pencils don’t smudge. Great stuff. Post all you can!

    • Kevin, those very well could all be contributing factors. I really don’t know why the blue pencil is so helpful to me, but it is…

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