The carnival was in town, and even though William Wallace had an epic battle scheduled for the next morning, he and his friends still visited the face painting booth.

(and that last picture is a little something for Hearthstone players)




Bug Season

Ok, well, judging from a little walk in the woods this weekend I would have to say we folks here in Northeastern Indiana have successfully transitioned out of snow removal season and launched directly into inquisitive flying bug season… and who doesn’t love that time of year.

I would also have to say that I have the ability to draw bugs… on paper and in the woods.


Artist Outreach Ministry

One of the reasons I like our church is because it has an ARTIST OUTREACH MINISTRY. Included in each weeks bulletin is a piece of artist sketch paper (labeled “notes” for some odd reason) and a complimentary drawing pen! Not every church would make this sort of effort to reach out to the artistic community, but ours does! …well …at least I THINK it’s an Artist Outreach Ministry.


Cowboys And Aliens

A few weeks ago, I ran across a replay of the Cowboys And Aliens movie on TV. (Spoiler Alert: the movie contains cowboys, indians and ALIENS). In the opening scene, a really interesting looking cowboy with a stove pipe hat rides into the story. Thinking he was a really unique character, I quickly sketched him and later that weekend I scratched some color onto my drawing.


My 2013 Sketchbook

It’s March of 2014, so I guess it’s time to get my 2013 Sketchbook posted. This one doesn’t have the same production values as my other sketchbook videos… mainly because I shot it this afternoon with a phone in one hand and turning pages with the other… and I kinda ran out of pages so I just started throwing stuff on top of the sketchbook… and I only did one take… but I did spend a whopping 5 minutes shooting it and another half an hour trying to figure out how the new iMovie interface works, so it’s got all that going for it. I hope you enjoy this little movie and appreciate all the minutes and minutes of thought and hard work that went into the making of this possible academy award winning film.

Pirate Crabs… AAarrrgghhh

I was recently asked over on Facebook how I came up with ideas, so here is my process on a current project. The assignment; come up with five underwater scenes for a game. The first thing I do is start sketching rough little ideas that pop into my head related to the subject.


The pirate crab looking through a telescope grabs my attention, so I head off in that direction. What can I add to that to create a scene? What sort of underwater props can I use? Well duh, a cannon, of course… and there would need to be a whole band of these crazy pirate crabs… and they have to be pillaging and terrorizing somebody (in a friendly way, of course)… and magically, somehow, the underwater pirate crab scene unfolds beneath my pencil.


I lay a fresh piece of paper over my blue pencil sketch and using a light table, I create a cleaner pencil drawing to work from.


I scan the clean pencil drawing into Photoshop and away we go…