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Beach Pictures

…just got back from a week on the beach. I read a couple of books, drew a few pages in my sketchbook, and successfully avoided any and all hurricanes while there.

Hammer Throw

I always thought the hammer throw was a… uhm… to say the least… unique?… sporting event. I’m pretty sure this fellow gold medaled in the 1492┬áMedieval┬áSummer Olympics in it.

A Good Pencil Sharpener

Hey, there’s nothing more interesting than some good pencil sharpener talk on a Friday afternoon, right? Over the years I have worn out half-a-gazillion electric pencil sharpeners. Recently I bought several new ones… well… what I should say is, I kept buying different brands and taking… Continue Reading “A Good Pencil Sharpener”

Creature Feature

I had a few spare minutes to play last night, so I threw a little color onto a scribble from my sketchbook.

My 2012 Video Sketchbook

As you know, every year about this time I grab my sketchbook, step out into the limelight with it and if I see my shadow we all have six more weeks of winter… oh yes, every year about this time I also upload my… Continue Reading “My 2012 Video Sketchbook”

Lizard King

One of the medium sized characters for the board game.

Big Brother

Another creature from the board game I’m working on. This is one of my big guys. I think gamers refer to fellows like this as “tanks”.

Little Red Robbing Hood

Another one of the animals I came up with for the board game I’m working on. There will be four little teams of varmints with three characters on each team. I decided there should be a small, medium and large creature on each team. Here is one… Continue Reading “Little Red Robbing Hood”

Frequent Fryer Flier

Here is another one of the characters I came up with for the board game I’m working on. Kind of a flying chicken I guess…

Green Jumper

I am currently working on a really fun project. It is a boxed board game and part of the project calls for me to developing twelve wacky looking animals. My client has graciously said that I could share some of this work here on… Continue Reading “Green Jumper”

Animal House

I haven’t really done very much drawing in my sketchbook over the last several months, but I did manage to kick out this page of animals yesterday as a summer storm blew through our area.

Holy Cow!

It’s the end of the day, I run across this old sketchbook page in a computer folder and I think maybe I’ll just throw a little color on it and see what happens before I go eat dinner. Here’s what I came up with…

A Hornswoggle Sockdolager

I threw some color on a scribble from my sketchbook. I’m not sure what kind of animal this is…