1. Love the Ostrich,,,, I have been stealing your one eye bigger look and I love the result. Everything is funny when the eyes dont match..

    1. …that’s kind of an industry standard for goofy looking eyes. Look at some of your favorite animated movies, they all do it.

  2. What a great looking zoo/farm! You have that neat ability of making those critters look like yours and yours alone. I’d know a “Dennis Jones” creature anywhere!

    1. Stan, the bulk of what I do comes from my imagination mainly because it’s too much trouble to run down reference photos plus it’s really hard to find a good picture of a dog wearing a business suit smoking a pipe. With that being said, for this particular sketch page I Googled “funny looking animals”, a page full of photos popped up and I drew the ones that I thought were most interesting.

  3. I guess you could call them “caricreatures”. So much better than illustrations that are slavishly adherent to photos. I’m so glad I discovered your work. You’re a great inspiration!

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