1. Love the Ostrich,,,, I have been stealing your one eye bigger look and I love the result. Everything is funny when the eyes dont match..

  2. What a great looking zoo/farm! You have that neat ability of making those critters look like yours and yours alone. I’d know a “Dennis Jones” creature anywhere!

    1. Stan, the bulk of what I do comes from my imagination mainly because it’s too much trouble to run down reference photos plus it’s really hard to find a good picture of a dog wearing a business suit smoking a pipe. With that being said, for this particular sketch page I Googled “funny looking animals”, a page full of photos popped up and I drew the ones that I thought were most interesting.

  3. I guess you could call them “caricreatures”. So much better than illustrations that are slavishly adherent to photos. I’m so glad I discovered your work. You’re a great inspiration!

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