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Therapy Bear

The sign in the fabric store said, “crafting is cheaper that therapy”… so here’s my latest therapy session.

Game Changer

I’ve been drawing on my iPad as a hobby for several years now and always kinda liked it… kinda… but I never really loved drawing on my iPad until now. I heard a guy on YouTube say, “you HAVE TO HAVE some sort of… Continue Reading “Game Changer”

Courtroom Drama

Odor in the court!

Greasely Bear

After a couple of buckets of fried chicken and no napkins, the grizzly bear officially turned into a greasely bear.

Hammer Throw

I always thought the hammer throw was a… uhm… to say the least… unique?… sporting event. I’m pretty sure this fellow gold medaled in the 1492┬áMedieval┬áSummer Olympics in it.