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No need for shoes if you can go bear foot.

Therapy Bear

The sign in the fabric store said, “crafting is cheaper that therapy”… so here’s my latest therapy session.

Game Changer

I’ve been drawing on my iPad as a hobby for several years now and always kinda liked it… kinda… but I never really loved drawing on my iPad until now. I heard a guy on YouTube say, “you HAVE TO HAVE some sort of… Continue Reading “Game Changer”

Courtroom Drama

Odor in the court!

Greasely Bear

After a couple of buckets of fried chicken and no napkins, the grizzly bear officially turned into a greasely bear.

Hammer Throw

I always thought the hammer throw was a… uhm… to say the least… unique?… sporting event. I’m pretty sure this fellow gold medaled in the 1492┬áMedieval┬áSummer Olympics in it.