2016 Thunderless NBA Finals

I’ve only been to one NBA game in my life. I saw the Oklahoma City Thunder play back in 2009 when Kevin Durant was just a pup. After sitting in nose bleed cheap seats for a quarter, my oldest son pulled some strings and got us ushered into bottom bowl, court side EXPENSIVE seats and the game magically got even better! It was sad to see OKC get so close this years only to lose, but the upcoming rematch of Cleveland and Golden State should be fun to watch, too…

…as long as neither team is scared of the net like fish basketball teams are.



Digital Painting With Procreate

Another quick picture (and video) I made on the iPad. I just discovered an option that lets you see the brush cursor as you paint in the ProCreate App… which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for me was a game changer. Being able to see exactly what size your brush is on the picture is huge.


Lebron Headed For Cleveland

I have a friend who has a friend who knows a guy that has a buddy at SeaWorld in Miami that says absolutely without a shadow of doubt, Lebron The Orca Whale is moving to Cleveland maybe… well, probably… if he doesn’t stay in Miami…

…Johnny Manatee arrived in Cleveland earlier this year.


A Little Crabby

I spent a lot of time away from my studio this summer which is somewhat problematic when you make a living strapped down to a Wacom Cintiq.  Fortunately, I was able to pick up a used 12 inch Cintiq at a good price so I could continue to do work while on the road. I was home alone the other night, turned the TV on to a football game, fired up my little Cintiq and this pint sized fellow materialized during the commercials.


Pirate Crabs… AAarrrgghhh

I was recently asked over on Facebook how I came up with ideas, so here is my process on a current project. The assignment; come up with five underwater scenes for a game. The first thing I do is start sketching rough little ideas that pop into my head related to the subject.


The pirate crab looking through a telescope grabs my attention, so I head off in that direction. What can I add to that to create a scene? What sort of underwater props can I use? Well duh, a cannon, of course… and there would need to be a whole band of these crazy pirate crabs… and they have to be pillaging and terrorizing somebody (in a friendly way, of course)… and magically, somehow, the underwater pirate crab scene unfolds beneath my pencil.


I lay a fresh piece of paper over my blue pencil sketch and using a light table, I create a cleaner pencil drawing to work from.


I scan the clean pencil drawing into Photoshop and away we go…