pencil sharpener

A Good Pencil Sharpener

Hey, there’s nothing more interesting than some good pencil sharpener talk on a Friday afternoon, right?

Over the years I have worn out half-a-gazillion electric pencil sharpeners. Recently I bought several new ones… well… what I should say is, I kept¬†buying¬†different brands and taking them back and trying other brands because none of them would put a decent point on a pencil. The point the new electrics put on a pencil officially became the new standard for what a fully dull pencil should look like…


…so I gave up on electric pencil sharpeners altogether and decided to go low-tech. I bought a Kum (hand-held) Long Point Sharpener. I have found it to be most excellent. It is a two step system. The first hole sharpens only the wood and the second hole puts a great point on the pencil.

I thought I would miss the convenience of an electric pencil sharpener, but I have quickly gotten used to sharpening pencils by hand… plus I can take this sharpener with me anywhere I go.