new game

Sparticus Maximus Squirrelicus

A month ago when I started working on initial ideas for this new board game, my client/art director told me he was having an epic battle with squirrels in his backyard. They had taken over and were daring him to do something about it… an ongoing, ferocious military conflict! I immediately sketched this picture and sent it to him in an email entitled “Squirrel Warning!” I told him the sqirrels in his backyard had pooled their money together and hired this enforcer to come and settle the score with him…

…and that is how this picture made it into the board game.



The History Channel has a new tv series called Vikings and after watching an episode or two I have come to the conclusion that those viking guys were some pretty rough customers, although not quite as bad as a couple of hockey defensemen I have run into… literally… but viking boats were really cool with all the colorful round shields hanging off their sides and that was my inspiration for this new board game picture… although these fellows don’t seem nearly as ferocious as the typical, run-of-the-mill viking is on that tv show.