Holy Cow!

It’s the end of the day, I run across this old sketchbook page in a computer folder and I think maybe I’ll just throw a little color on it and see what happens before I go eat dinner. Here’s what I came up with…


    1. My wife is out of town and I just ate something I found in the freezer in a tupperware bowl with frost all over it. I think at some point in time it was probably some sort of pasta dish…

  1. I used to do a one panel cartoon for my church’s weekly newsletter and when I drew this episode in the life of Moses (not nearly so well as you) I used the same,”Holy Cow!” caption! I guess great minds do run on the same track or something like that.

  2. hi my name is Danilo and I’m a fan of yours from Brazil, I am building a blog and contact with various q ilustras got a lot of references of his drawings, including’m drawing a lion with various illustrate her open for ideas lol. http://daniloreddragon.blogspot.com.br/ illustrates the published q q I based on your dash is the jesus has several other more precise finish ilustras sorry English is q’m using google translate

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