My 2012 Video Sketchbook


As you know, every year about this time I grab my sketchbook, step out into the limelight with it and if I see my shadow we all have six more weeks of winter… oh yes, every year about this time I also upload my latest sketchbook to YouTube… here it is.

6 Comments on “My 2012 Video Sketchbook

    • …I always love seeing you make an appearance on The Weekly Standard covers. Was it something in that Missouri Ozark water that made us both turn out this way?

  1. Dennis, I love watching your drawings and video. You inspire me to always be drawing. I even tried it at church but my wife kept giving me the look. She always says…your no Dennis, now pay attention to our pastor.
    Awesome video buddy, love viewing your sketchbooks.

  2. I am a sketchbook junkie! I love to see the creative process in action. Thanks so much for putting this out there. It’s great fun to see your creations go from pencil sketch to painting.

  3. Amazing stuff…so amazing. Very inspiring to see your work. You are truly blessed.

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