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you want me to do WHAT??

I don’t often get asked to do background scenery… well… to put it another way… I have NEVER been asked to do background scenery, so I was pretty nervous when I was tasked with developing six backgrounds for a quirky board game, tight focus, pan through film shot…… Continue Reading “you want me to do WHAT??”

Pirate Ship

Here is the final illustration for an upcoming, fish themed board game. If you want to see the different stages of creating this one, I have a WORK IN PROGRESS set up over on my Behance page. Click here to take a look.


Here we have a floppy eared… uhm… dog?… kind of a guy riding some sort of… uhm… ox looking creature. That dog is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer (if you know what I mean) …he truly is an oxymoron.


The History Channel has a new tv series called Vikings and after watching an episode or two I have come to the conclusion that those viking guys were some pretty rough customers, although not quite as bad as a couple of hockey defensemen I… Continue Reading “Vikings”

Swiss Army Knife

A new one for the board game. It is a play on a previous illustration I did… but now with 90% more apples!

Starting On A New Board Game

I am getting started on a new board game that is really going to be fun to work on. I did this piece as a sort of “warm up” to get my creative juices flowing. If you have any ideas for a fun, fantasy… Continue Reading “Starting On A New Board Game”

Back To School

The holidays are over and it’s time for the kiddos to get back to school… even if they are bugs…

Game Guide

Another image for the board game. This is the little fellow that guides us through the game.

Mello Yellow

One of the smaller sized characters I created for the board game I’m currently working on. As this project moves closer to a publishing date, I can share more information about it.

Lizard King

One of the medium sized characters for the board game.

Big Brother

Another creature from the board game I’m working on. This is one of my big guys. I think gamers refer to fellows like this as “tanks”.

Little Red Robbing Hood

Another one of the animals I came up with for the board game I’m working on. There will be four little teams of varmints with three characters on each team. I decided there should be a small, medium and large creature on each team. Here is one… Continue Reading “Little Red Robbing Hood”

Frequent Fryer Flier

Here is another one of the characters I came up with for the board game I’m working on. Kind of a flying chicken I guess…

Green Jumper

I am currently working on a really fun project. It is a boxed board game and part of the project calls for me to developing twelve wacky looking animals. My client has graciously said that I could share some of this work here on… Continue Reading “Green Jumper”