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My 2012 Video Sketchbook

As you know, every year about this time I grab my sketchbook, step out into the limelight with it and if I see my shadow we all have six more weeks of winter… oh yes, every year about this time I also upload my… Continue Reading “My 2012 Video Sketchbook”

Doctor Luke

Another process video of something I did recently. Basically just blocking in color underneath the drawing and then putting finishing touches in on top of it.

Little Red Robbing Hood

Another one of the animals I came up with for the board game I’m working on. There will be four little teams of varmints with three characters on each team. I decided there should be a small, medium and large creature on each team. Here is one… Continue Reading “Little Red Robbing Hood”

Crowd Control

Color can be a tricky thing to work with. Lots of out of control color can confuse what you are trying to achieve in an illustration.  This is a simple technique to keep order when you have a lot going on in a picture. Render the… Continue Reading “Crowd Control”

Joseph Video

I fired up the magical iShowU software and recorded my work on this little illustration…