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The carnival was in town, and even though William Wallace had an epic battle scheduled for the next morning, he and his friends still visited the face painting booth. …the last picture is a little something for Hearthstone players. 🙂

Starting On A New Board Game

I am getting started on a new board game that is really going to be fun to work on. I did this piece as a sort of “warm up” to get my creative juices flowing. If you have any ideas for a fun, fantasy… Continue Reading “Starting On A New Board Game”

Game Guide

Another image for the board game. This is the little fellow that guides us through the game.

Big Brother

Another creature from the board game I’m working on. This is one of my big guys. I think gamers refer to fellows like this as “tanks”.

Little Red Robbing Hood

Another one of the animals I came up with for the board game I’m working on. There will be four little teams of varmints with three characters on each team. I decided there should be a small, medium and large creature on each team. Here is one… Continue Reading “Little Red Robbing Hood”

Frequent Fryer Flier

Here is another one of the characters I came up with for the board game I’m working on. Kind of a flying chicken I guess…

My Front Porch

The rockers that sit on my front porch have gone through about 13 harsh winters and the tiny bit of paint that was still trying to hang onto them would come off on your backside every time you sat down in one. I finally… Continue Reading “My Front Porch”

Aylin Shir

A Monday morning warmup sketch.

The Clay Is Ready To Mold

Last Monday my stop-motion teacher suggested I open up the vikings mouth so it could be rigged with wire and then he could talk. That sounded like a good idea, so I did that, and then I put a few finishing touches to my… Continue Reading “The Clay Is Ready To Mold”