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Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 1

I created my last stop-motion puppet with an armature of pencils and tape and while it was somewhat successful, it now seems to be pretty brittle. I really wanted to refine some of those ideas… so I built another one. Using a modeling compound… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 1”

Theory vs Reality: Finished

Last week I showed a spare time project I started on a Saturday. I showed my progress on it a few days later. One thing I have learned over the years… if I don’t finish these little side projects quick, I lose interest and… Continue Reading “Theory vs Reality: Finished”

Theory vs Reality: part two

I had a chance to work on this fellow last night. I am starting to make a little progress on getting this unruly mass of foam under control…

Brother Thomas

Steve Leeper asked several of his artistic minded friends to send in a picture of the main character from his upcoming stop-motion animated film. Those images are just now starting to roll in and this was my take on Brother Thomas. You can see… Continue Reading “Brother Thomas”

It’s Alive… And Eating Popcorn!

Jones brothers, sisters, inlaws, outlaws, nieces, nephews, kids and miscellaneous others traveled from all over the country to my Mother’s house last week for the 4th of July. With over 30 people in Mom’s house a bunch of us had to find other places to… Continue Reading “It’s Alive… And Eating Popcorn!”

The Mighty Ducks

Back when I was building my foam stop-motion puppet, I wondered if there might be another way to create a moving character. I decided to throw a couple of things together that I’ve toyed around with for years… an aluminum armature and socks. I… Continue Reading “The Mighty Ducks”

Popping The Hood

Up from the concrete grave he arose; Magnus StormWeasel, the newest stop-motion puppet in Indiana. Next stop… the paint and body shop.

The Clay Is Ready To Mold

Last Monday my stop-motion teacher suggested I open up the vikings mouth so it could be rigged with wire and then he could talk. That sounded like a good idea, so I did that, and then I put a few finishing touches to my… Continue Reading “The Clay Is Ready To Mold”

Stop Motion Build 3

I have the clay sculpt for my stop motion puppet about where I want it. I fear there is too much detail for the casting process, but I have no idea because I have never done any of this before. We shall see…

Stop Motion Build 2

…ok, so what have I learned so far on my first ever stop motion puppet build? Two tiny little aluminum wires will not hold five pounds of clay in the air very well. I had to bite the bullet last night, tear off the… Continue Reading “Stop Motion Build 2”