Nailed It!

One summer during my college years, I helped my Uncle Roy frame walls onto the back porch of his lake house. My cousin Lynn and I got one massive wall done, but the studs were not on 18 inch centers (or something like that) so we had to tear it apart and try it again the next day. That night, we slept outside on the wooden deck, surrounded by the construction mess. It was very windy, really cold and my blanket kept blowing off of me. Around midnight, I grabbed a hammer and pounded ten penny nails into each corner of that very nice quilt, effectively solving the flapping blanket problem. I believe the only thing I successfully nailed down that entire weekend was my Aunt JoAnn’s very nice quilt.


My Front Porch

The rockers that sit on my front porch have gone through about 13 harsh winters and the tiny bit of paint that was still trying to hang onto them would come off on your backside every time you sat down in one. I finally got around to cleaned the chairs and table up and gave them all a fresh coat of paint.

The table became an interesting sort of project. The center top lifts off and a backgammon board is inset beneath it. Unfortunately, winter has treated it harshly, too.

I rebuilt the backgammon board with MDF and give it a little dimensionality.

I also gave it a pretty snappy faux tooled leather surface.

I cut out a new lid from MDF and sawed lines into it to create a weathered slat look. On the flip side I attached a checkerboard.

The checkerboard is the front and back sides of masonite. One side is slick and the other side is kinda furry.

I was surprised at how heavy the table top was when I was done. MDF and masonite are both fairly heavy materials, but I guess the real weight came from the 256 screws I used to attach the 64 checkerboard pieces with.