My Front Porch

The rockers that sit on my front porch have gone through about 13 harsh winters and the tiny bit of paint that was still trying to hang onto them would come off on your backside every time you sat down in one. I finally got around to cleaning the chairs and table and gave them all a fresh coat of paint.

The table became an interesting sort of project. The center top lifts off and a backgammon board is inset beneath it. Unfortunately, time had treated it quite harshly.

I rebuilt the backgammon board with MDF and give it a little dimensionality.

I also gave it a pretty snappy faux tooled leather surface.

I cut out a new lid from MDF and sawed lines into it to create a weathered slat look. On the flip side I attached a checkerboard.

The checkerboard is the front and back sides of masonite. One side is slick and the other side is kinda furry.

I was surprised at how heavy the table top was when I was done. MDF and masonite are both fairly heavy materials, but I guess the real weight came from the 256 screws I used to attach the 64 checkerboard pieces with.

11 Comments on “My Front Porch

  1. Dennis you are so handy with the screw driver, perhaps you can help me put up a new metal building on Table Rock Lake. Roy

    • …will I have to sleep outside again and if so do I have permission to nail down one of Aunt JoAnns quilts so it wont blow off me in the middle of the night like last time?

    • I’ve got 144 half inch screws left so I’m thinking about making a 25 pound birdhouse with them.

  2. I did not know you played chess, perhap there is an online game in the future????

  3. You are all kinds of creative… even when doing home repairs!

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