Starting On A New Board Game


I am getting started on a new board game that is really going to be fun to work on. I did this piece as a sort of “warm up” to get my creative juices flowing. If you have any ideas for a fun, fantasy type scene featuring warrior animals, let me know… maybe I can work them into the mix. These games should be ready for this Christmas season and I will post more about that later on this year.


13 Comments on “Starting On A New Board Game

  1. I’d like to see miniature warriors who live inside a giant tortoise. You could have the shell look like a miniature city. Love your work! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Awesome stuff Dennis. So is this a product your producing or is it for a client?

    And I’d like to see hamster’s running around cogs that prepare and fire catapults, or a lamb at the weaving loom making garments from it’s own wool, or a medieval parrot herald who doesn’t need a trumpet cause he can use his own squawk, or a grizzly bear nun (no one’s gonna mess with that nun :D) or….. (I could go on and on 😛 but I’ll shut up now)

  3. That is a great picture. Really plays to your strenghts as an artist. I always like to see the unexpected, like you did here, making a normally gentle animal like the bunny into the warrior. Don’t know if you’ve read any of the Redwall books but the author does that a lot with mice, squirrles, otters and such being the warriors. Anything you do will be great!

  4. Hi Dennis!

    So I saw this random blog of a guy working on a new board game and I thought, “wow, what a cool guy! I love board games and this guy is making one!” When I showed my wife your site she told me that you were the same guy that wrote the See With Me Bible which is such an amazing work of art and worship! (Plus she already messaged you with my account which is funny that now I’m writing you).

    In any case, great work and blessings to you in all that you do for the Lord!!

    Also keep us updated with the game!! Would love to see what kind of game you’re doing! Btw, I always loved ninja turtles… but I think that’s been done before.. what about Ninja Skunk? Or a Spear-Wielding Giraffe? I dunno but I love your drawings!

    • Hi Danny. It’s been nice to visit with both you and your wife here. Over the past few months I have been working on four different board games, and this particular one might be my favorite of the bunch. I will give more information on all of them as they come closer to being produced later on in the year. Keep in touch!

  5. Leviathan would be a great addition. Can’t wait to see what he looks like! Folks have pondered that for years. =)
    We just bought the Read with Me Bible for our grandson. I am LOVING these pictures and thanking the Lord that you’ve shared your wonderful gift with us! God bless you real good!

    • Hi Sandra. For years and years I painted my illustrations with gouache on watercolor paper. Five or six years ago I made the transition to painting digitally with Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq, but I have tried to retain as much of my traditional look and feel as possible…

  6. Your work is excelent! Do you have any board game already on the market? Can you name the game?

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