The Clay Is Ready To Mold

Last Monday my stop-motion teacher suggested I open up the vikings mouth so it could be rigged with wire and then he could talk. That sounded like a good idea, so I did that, and then I put a few finishing touches to my sculpt. I reworked the helmet a bit, added a soul patch to his lip and gave him a snazzy belt buckle.

I added a little shoulder armor.

I reworked the arm gauntlets, cleaned out the scale armor and gave him a stitched garment of some sort.

I also flared the back of the helmet up a bit.

I’m interested to see how much detail the mold will be able to hold. It will be a few weeks before that process actually takes place.

Stop Motion Build 2

…ok, so what have I learned so far on my first ever stop motion puppet build? Two tiny little aluminum wires will not hold five pounds of clay in the air very well. I had to bite the bullet last night, tear off the bottom half of my sculpt, and build a more substantial armature to support the weight… and you can tell by the look on this guys face that he was none too happy about it…