Soft Sculpture

The Royal Wedding

My wife had the Royal Wedding dialed up on TV Saturday morning, so I got to watch some of it. It seemed real nice.

The only REAL difference I could see in the Royal Wedding and a wedding that takes place in OUR family is that a wedding that takes place in OUR family usually involves some sort of card tournament and of course… winning the fabulous MILBURNSCHUTT CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY CUP!!




Little Felt Guys

It was Saturday afternoon and I was wandering aimlessly through a fabric store waiting PATIENTLY for my wife to look at EVERY SINGLE DRESS PATTERN IN THE STORE and I stumbled onto (literally) a clearance bin with really cheap felt in it and the next thing I know it’s Sunday afternoon, Karen is sitting at her sewing machine making dresses and I’m sitting in an easy chair turning my bargain felt purchase into these little things.

Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 4

My stop-motion hedge knight, Sir Duncan The Tall, is now pretty much complete. His head and mouth can move as well as his legs, arms and fingers.


He still needs a few props, so I build him a sword out of Sculpey and a shield out of balsa wood.


I also make him a massive pair of shoulder pads just in case the Kansas City Chiefs decide to take him with their first pick in this years NFL Draft.


Ok, this guy is pretty much ready to make his big screen, stop-motion film debut.


Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 3

Yesterday I got the feet made to my stop-motion puppet, today I tackle the hands. The first thing I do is sketch out a hand that is roughly the right size on a piece of paper.


Using a light gage aluminum wire I build the framework of each hand.


I hot glue a piece of cardboard to the palm of each hand so they will retain their shape. I then add a thin layer of hot glue to all the aluminum wire in order to add strength to it.


Finally, I sew on some fine leather gloves with elegant fur trim. I add some Sculpey painted armor to the top of the hands and they are finished.


Tomorrow… the next step towards finish.