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Mr. Fuzzy

Fall has arrived and it felt like time to grab a needle ‘n thread and cobble up a Mr. Fuzzy.

Making A New Friend

I was a big fan of the old comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. I really liked the way Calvin’s world revolved around his imaginary tiger friend Hobbes.   I decided it was time for me to make my own imaginary tiger friend, so I… Continue Reading “Making A New Friend”

The Royal Wedding

My wife had the Royal Wedding dialed up on TV Saturday morning, so I got to watch some of it. It seemed real nice. The only REAL difference I could see in the Royal Wedding and a wedding that takes place in OUR family… Continue Reading “The Royal Wedding”

Little Felt Guys

It was Saturday afternoon and I was wandering aimlessly through a fabric store waiting PATIENTLY for my wife to look at EVERY SINGLE DRESS PATTERN IN THE STORE and I stumbled onto (literally) a clearance bin with really cheap felt in it and the… Continue Reading “Little Felt Guys”

Magnus StormWeasel Music Video

Last summer Magnus begged me to let him spend the night at my nephew Janson’s house. Against my better judgement I let him and look what has happened… a  music video. What next? Dancing With The Stars? Good job, Janson!

Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 4

My stop-motion hedge knight, Sir Duncan The Tall, is now pretty much complete. His head and mouth can move as well as his legs, arms and fingers. He still needs a few props, so I build him a sword out of Sculpey and a… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 4”

Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 3

Yesterday I got the feet made to my stop-motion puppet, today I tackle the hands. The first thing I do is sketch out a hand that is roughly the right size on a piece of paper. Using a light gage aluminum wire I build… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 3”

Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 2

Yesterday I got my stop-motion puppet roughed in and today I need to add some feet to it. I cut basic shapes out of cardboard and hot glue them to the foot dowel, but unfortunately, since I have no actual plan to work from,… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 2”

Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 1

I created my last stop-motion puppet with an armature of pencils and tape and while it was somewhat successful, it now seems to be pretty brittle. I really wanted to refine some of those ideas… so I built another one. Using a modeling compound… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 1”

Theory vs Reality: Finished

Last week I showed a spare time project I started on a Saturday. I showed my progress on it a few days later. One thing I have learned over the years… if I don’t finish these little side projects quick, I lose interest and… Continue Reading “Theory vs Reality: Finished”

Theory vs Reality: part two

I had a chance to work on this fellow last night. I am starting to make a little progress on getting this unruly mass of foam under control…

Theory vs. Reality

My ideas always work so well on the pages of my sketchbook… then reality smacks me in the face as I try to create them…

Almost Too Fabulous For Words

The National Tackle Football League starts this Wednesday night and being the procrastinators we Jones’s are, the draft for the Annual Jones Family Fantasy Football League will be held on Tuesday, the night before. This season is even more exciting as the winner gets… Continue Reading “Almost Too Fabulous For Words”

A Day In The Life

A job came in on Friday, I opened it on Monday and it was 50 spot illustrations due in one week. Fifty of anything takes forever, so I got busy, and then the phone rang. It’s the music leader at my church. The bass… Continue Reading “A Day In The Life”

It’s Alive… And Eating Popcorn!

Jones brothers, sisters, inlaws, outlaws, nieces, nephews, kids and miscellaneous others traveled from all over the country to my Mother’s house last week for the 4th of July. With over 30 people in Mom’s house a bunch of us had to find other places to… Continue Reading “It’s Alive… And Eating Popcorn!”