Music City Bowl 2014


My son Nick (a Notre Dame fan) and his wife Rachel (an LSU fan) will be here over the holidays. While here, their two teams will be playing in the Music City Tackle Football Bowl and I can hardly wait to watch that game with them (actually, what I can hardly wait for is to watch Nick and Rachel watch the game together in the same room.) That could be more entertaining than the game.

After watching both these teams play this season, I put my prognosticator hat on and made this bold prediction picture.

4 Comments on “Music City Bowl 2014

  1. Yet another terrific drawing! Thank you – I so enjoy seeing your work. (…I agree with your pick too so long as LSU’s Jennings doesn’t pull a Manziel) Enjoy the game & have a wonderful holiday!

    …will there be a holiday posting? Would love to see your take on the jolly fat guy and his herd.

    • Speaking of Manziel, who woulda thought he would be THAT bad in his first Cleveland start? Brutal. I think I have a Santa picture somewhere… guess I need to post it next week sometime.

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