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Super Bowl Guarantee

This years Super Bowl features the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers. A lot of people are calling it the Joe Montana Bowl because he played quarterback for both teams… which is why Joe Montana is currently guaranteeing that his old team… Continue Reading “Super Bowl Guarantee”

National Championship Game

LSU and Clemson play in the college football national championship game on Monday night and since the Georgia Bulldogs did NOT make it this year we will probably NOT be seeing that many dog piles during the game.

Brand New Old Stuff!

In 2011, I got an INSTAGRAM account, but never really used it because it was a “phone-only” app and extremely difficult to post artwork with, but I just discovered a workaround and now I can post artwork directly to Instagram from my computer. Now… Continue Reading “Brand New Old Stuff!”


Another fantasy football game TEAM concept.

Orc Concept 2.0

Back to the concept drawing board…

Orc Concept

An orc concept for a fantasy football game.

More Game Concepts

A lineman for the human team in a fantasy football game concept.

Game Concepts

I’m working on some game concepts for fantasy football.