Tour De Donut

The Tour De Donut 2019

The 13th Annual TourDeDonut Bicycle Race just happened, so I spent my weekend peddling around Troy, Ohio eating donuts and as if that wasn’t already enough to make it worth the trip, there was a bonus surprise for me. The city was also having an art exhibit featuring the work of Seward Johnson. His life-size painted bronze sculptures were all over the downtown area and they were amazing. There was also a pretty great band filling the square with live music. What a great event! I’m thinking we need to put together a Brother Jones Bicycle Team, print up some custom bike jerseys and see if we can’t run them outa donuts next year!

Tour de Donut

What if I told you there was a bicycle race where your ability to eat donuts was just as important as your ability to ride a bike fast? This summer in Troy, Ohio the Tour De Donut will take place. It is a timed ride and FIVE MINUTES will be DEDUCTED from your elapsed time for EVERY DONUT YOU EAT! I’m headed to Krispy Kreme right now so I can start training for this ride immediately!