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Baaa-d To The Bone

The job I’m currently working on tasks me with drawing a rock band made up of animals and the assignment said the guitar player was to be a sheep that’s “Baaa-d To The Bone” …so I used a band mate of mine from church,… Continue Reading “Baaa-d To The Bone”

Shepherd Boy

I’m working on some fun new things for children’s ministry!

Indiana Pacers Basketball

…ok, this is just coming from an uneducated Hoosier point of view, but it seems to me that the Indiana Pacers are┬áplaying some really BaAaAaA–D BaAaAaA–SKETBALL right now… …and yes, that was a juvenile, grade school sheep joke.

Fleece Navidad

A policeman in Orlando stopped a man that was driving around town in a car with a sheep sitting next to him in the front seat. “What are you doing with that sheep in your car?”  the officer asked. “You need to take that… Continue Reading “Fleece Navidad”