Indiana Pacers Basketball


…ok, this is just coming from an uneducated Hoosier point of view, but it seems to me that the Indiana Pacers are playing some really BaAaAaAD BaAaAaASKETBALL right now…

…and yes, that was a juvenile, grade school sheep joke.

2 Comments on “Indiana Pacers Basketball

  1. A little late on the comment but yes…baaad. I knew after they finagled a Game5 win at home that they were in for some “schooling” come Game6. And what a clinic they got. The final score wasn’t even that close. Oh, did I mention that I’m just an armchair-just watch the playoffs-sort of basketball fan? But being from So Florida…big on the HEAT! ThreePeatHEAT!!!

    • I was pretty sure things were headed in the wrong direction for Indiana when they implemented the “blow in the other guys ear” strategy…

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