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2017 NBA Finals

The NBA Finals have arrived and its time for me to start paying attention to basketball again. Are the Timberwolves still in it?

Lebron Headed For Cleveland

I have a friend who has a friend who knows a guy that has a buddy at SeaWorld in Miami that says absolutely without a shadow of doubt, Lebron The Orca Whale is moving to Cleveland maybe… well, probably… if he doesn’t stay in Miami… …Johnny Football Manatee arrived in Cleveland… Continue Reading “Lebron Headed For Cleveland”

Indiana Pacers Basketball

…ok, this is just coming from an uneducated Hoosier point of view, but it seems to me that the Indiana Pacers are┬áplaying some really BaAaAaA–D BaAaAaA–SKETBALL right now… …and yes, that was a juvenile, grade school sheep joke.

March Madness

Here’s a little process video for March Madness. I’m sure there is a dunk of some sort in this players immediate future…