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Bug Season

Ok, well, judging from a little walk in the woods this weekend I would have to say we folks here in Northeastern Indiana have successfully transitioned out of snow removal season and launched directly into inquisitive flying bug season… and who doesn’t love that time of year.… Continue Reading “Bug Season”

Steroid Free

A bunch of bugs doing sports and they are all steroid free! …except for that one on the bike, of course.

Back To School

The holidays are over and it’s time for the kiddos to get back to school… even if they are bugs…

Young Frankenstein… er… Buggenstein

Some characters for the bug board game I am currently working on. This group pay homage to the old Frankenstein movies. First off we have the good doctor… Next we have the monster… The bride with the crazy hair… And of course, everybody’s favorite…… Continue Reading “Young Frankenstein… er… Buggenstein”

Flight Of The BumbleBee

I am currently working on a really fun job that has one smokin’ hot bug jazz band in it. This is the drummer… who is apparently a bit over caffeinated.