Popping The Hood

Up from the concrete grave he arose; Magnus StormWeasel, the newest stop-motion puppet in Indiana. Next stop… the paint and body shop.

7 Comments on “Popping The Hood

  1. Can’t wait to see him all painted up and in stop-motion,,, he looks great!

  2. I think I was born too soon. The old stop action flicks, Rip Van Winkle and Martin the Cobbler, that our high school art teacher used to show could have used a more dynamic character like Magnus StormWeasel to liven things up! Great job Dennis. Can’t wait to see the paint job.

  3. If possible, I think I might even be more excited about this project than you are. I have always wanted to do this and seeing my favorite artist actually complete this fun project is awesome. I am inspired once again by your genius!

    • Mike, this might be the only foam stop-motion puppet I ever build, because if I did not have access to all of the university’s materials I would certainly have already spent half-a-gazillion dollars or more on this little project by now…

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