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Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 4

My stop-motion hedge knight, Sir Duncan The Tall, is now pretty much complete. His head and mouth can move as well as his legs, arms and fingers. He still needs a few props, so I build him a sword out of Sculpey and a… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 4”

Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 3

Yesterday I got the feet made to my stop-motion puppet, today I tackle the hands. The first thing I do is sketch out a hand that is roughly the right size on a piece of paper. Using a light gage aluminum wire I build… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 3”

Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 2

Yesterday I got my stop-motion puppet roughed in and today I need to add some feet to it. I cut basic shapes out of cardboard and hot glue them to the foot dowel, but unfortunately, since I have no actual plan to work from,… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 2”

Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 1

I created my last stop-motion puppet with an armature of pencils and tape and while it was somewhat successful, it now seems to be pretty brittle. I really wanted to refine some of those ideas… so I built another one. Using a modeling compound… Continue Reading “Building A Better Hedge Knight: Part 1”

Theory vs Reality: part two

I had a chance to work on this fellow last night. I am starting to make a little progress on getting this unruly mass of foam under control…

Top Chef Masters

The armature for my foam stop-motion puppet is almost ready to go… …but the brass fittings in it will eat away the foam over time, so I seal all those areas with a healthy dose of spray paint. Next I whip up the top… Continue Reading “Top Chef Masters”

Magnus… Down But Not Out

I cracked open the mold for my stop motion puppet and sadly, poor Magnus did not survive the┬áprocedure. So long Magnus… I clean the mold out and then build an armature that is truly an engineering marvel… ok, ok, your standards for engineering marvels… Continue Reading “Magnus… Down But Not Out”

Stop Motion Build 2

…ok, so what have I learned so far on my first ever stop motion puppet build? Two tiny little aluminum wires will not hold five pounds of clay in the air very well. I had to bite the bullet last night, tear off the… Continue Reading “Stop Motion Build 2”