It’s Alive… And Eating Popcorn!

Jones brothers, sisters, inlaws, outlaws, nieces, nephews, kids and miscellaneous others traveled from all over the country to my Mother’s house last week for the 4th of July. With over 30 people in Mom’s house a bunch of us had to find other places to sleep when evening rolled around. As my family was leaving for the hotel the first night, my nephew Kyle said, “Hey Uncle Dennis, can I play around with that puppet of yours tonight?” I said sure and left it with him. When I showed up the next morning he had created this test clip with his MacBook. I love the way my goofy little sock puppet snaps to life in it. I think it’s fabulous!

7 Comments on “It’s Alive… And Eating Popcorn!

    • Dupe bridge only happens at Christmas time and is immediately followed by the mystery present swap and steal where we all get mad at each other. That’s probably why we only play dupe bridge once a year.

  1. How bout Buzz Rickshaw? WWII fighter ace and with the dubious honer of crashing more planes on takeoff and landing without being shot down

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