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The Few Issue Five

The story continues in issue five. THE FEW Comic Book Series is now available for purchase on Amazon in digital form. These are Kindle books and can be viewed on almost any device by using the FREE Kindle app. You can see them HERE.

Brand New Old Stuff!

In 2011, I got an INSTAGRAM account, but never really used it because it was a “phone-only” app and extremely difficult to post artwork with, but I just discovered a workaround and now I can post artwork directly to Instagram from my computer. Now… Continue Reading “Brand New Old Stuff!”

A Few More Pages Done

I’m still working on THE FEW comic book series. Here is the rough and the panel art for the page I just completed. Issues 4, 5 & 6 are finished, but currently unavailable for purchase online. You can visit THE FEW Online Comic Book Shop by… Continue Reading “A Few More Pages Done”

The 13 Book Series

Here are the books I did the covers for. If you’re interested in them you can find them HERE on the David C. Cook website.

Back By Popular Demand

I’m happy to say these knuckleheads made it back into the story! You can visit THE FEW Online Comic Book Shop by clicking HERE.

Almost Ready

I’m presently doing the final edits on THE FEW issues 4, 5 and 6. Todd has gotten these characters into quite a mess. I hope they can find their way out of it!

Still Working On Comics

The comic books I’m working on have really been eating up a lot of my work time. I’m currently working on issue six. I noticed that the pencil drawings for them are really starting to pile up, so I made a quick video to… Continue Reading “Still Working On Comics”