Still Working On Comics


The comic books I’m working on have really been eating up a lot of my work time. I’m currently working on issue six. I noticed that the pencil drawings for them are really starting to pile up, so I made a quick video to show how much artwork has gone into the first five issues.

You can visit THE FEW Online Comic Book Shop by clicking HERE.

6 Comments on “Still Working On Comics

  1. …always get a digital spike when I see an update from Dennis Jones! Datz allot of penciling and surely the reason your work is so good. Have the 1st three issues of “The FEW” and my guess is they are releasing them in sets of 3? Keep us posted and…I’m curious, are you using Clip Studio (formerly Manga) software to complete your comics?

    • Hi Bernard. Yep, the comics are released once a year in batches of three. I use Photoshop CS6 (the last hard copy version you could get before Adobe went to their “pay us every month” plan) for everything…

  2. That’s great looking work, Dennis. Like Bernard, I have the first three issues, and have really been inspired, entertained and knocked out by the product. Thanks for a “Behind the Scenes” look at your work. I really appreciate it and look forward to the next installments!

  3. Hello Dennis. You have posted before about using the ipad with procreate. Have you tried the ipad pro with procreate 4 using the Apple pencil? I have been a wacom tablet with Photoshop user for years, and now only use the above mentioned. I can take it anywhere. Ipad pro, procreate and the Apple pencil, are worth checking out.

    • I kinda have a love/hate relationship going with Apple. I love their products, but I refuse to be blackmailed into BUYING a brand new iPad Pro just because I want to BUY their pencil when the iPad Air that I currently have still works perfectly… but I have played around in stores with that pencil and I do love it… and I think ProCreate is a fantastic app!

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