The Comics Are Ready


In May of 2016 I began work on a three year, nine issue comic book project. The first three comics are printed and hard copies are now available for purchase online. I’m currently finishing the art for issue four and just received the script for issue five. This has been such a fun project to work on.

You can visit THE FEW Online Comic Book Shop by clicking HERE.

7 Comments on “The Comics Are Ready

  1. Hey Dennis… I’ve been eagerly awaiting your comics becoming available. I don’t need 5 sets but I don’t see a way to order two (or three) sets – one for me and the others for my grandchildren.   Can I order two sets at the same time? Thanks… Walter Vail

  2. I can’t wait to see these first three issues . . . and I can’t believe that you are doing the work of what would normally be three people on most comic books – penciller, inker, colorist . . and probably letterer and production editor too! Where do you get the energy??

  3. Hi Dennis! I love your illustrations! I would really like to purchase the books, but I live in Norway and the shop you linked to doesn’t seem to ship overseas. Is there any other way to buy them? (I didn’t find them on Amazon yet.)
    Best regards,

    • Hi Dennis I am in the same position as Kristan….I live in South Africa…..will they be available on AMAZON?

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