A Few More Pages Done

I’m still working on THE FEW comic book series. Here is the rough and the panel art for the page I just completed. Issues 4, 5 & 6 are finished, but currently unavailable for purchase online. You can visit THE FEW Online Comic Book Shop by… Continue Reading “A Few More Pages Done”

Freshman College Project

I ran across these in a closet the other day. Back when I was a freshman in college, one of my first art class assignments was to dream up and create a “dimensional” story. This is all that’s left of that old college project,… Continue Reading “Freshman College Project”

Back By Popular Demand

I’m happy to say these knuckleheads made it back into the story! You can visit THE FEW Online Comic Book Shop by clicking HERE.

Almost Ready

I’m presently doing the final edits on THE FEW issues 4, 5 and 6. Todd has gotten these characters into quite a mess. I hope they can find their way out of it!

Still Working On Comics

The comic books I’m working on have really been eating up a lot of my work time. I’m currently working on issue six. I noticed that the pencil drawings for them are really starting to pile up, so I made a quick video to… Continue Reading “Still Working On Comics”

Elysia Rhone

The image on the left is a panel rough I sent to Todd for his approval in order to move forward on THE FEW Comic Book Series. The image on the right is the finished art. I’m glad Todd trusts me ’cause my roughs… Continue Reading “Elysia Rhone”

Making Stuff Up

THE FEW Comic Book Series exists in its own unique little universe… and what does that universe look like? Who knows? It’s being created from scratch one day at a time. In a perfect comic book creators world, there would be plenty of time… Continue Reading “Making Stuff Up”

We’ll Getcha Hooked Up

Thanks to everyone for the positive response to the comic books. Many have asked questions that I don’t have answers to yet. We are currently in “soft launch” mode… but we will eventually get you hooked up with this story in a variety of… Continue Reading “We’ll Getcha Hooked Up”

The Comics Are Ready

In May of 2016 I began work on a three year, nine issue comic book project. The first three comics are printed and hard copies are now available for purchase online. I’m currently finishing the art for issue four and just received the script… Continue Reading “The Comics Are Ready”

Creating A Few Panels

The next three issues of THE FEW are officially underway. Here’s a snapshot of how I create a single panel of art for a page in the comic. I take the written script, “massage” the text to make it work in a picture format,… Continue Reading “Creating A Few Panels”

Behind The Scenes

A look behind the curtain as Todd and I put a comic book together. Dennis: Hey Todd, how ’bout something like this for the cover on the first comic.  Todd: Looks good, let’s do it. (a couple of days later) Dennis: Ok Todd, the covers are done. Here’s… Continue Reading “Behind The Scenes”