We’ll Getcha Hooked Up

Thanks to everyone for the positive response to the comic books. Many have asked questions that I don’t have answers to yet. We are currently in “soft launch” mode… but we will eventually get you hooked up with this story in a variety of ways.

You can visit THE FEW Online Comic Book Shop by clicking HERE.

2 Comments on “We’ll Getcha Hooked Up

  1. What have you done to Pops??!!!
    My three issues came last week, and I am mesmerized by the artwork in The Few.
    The kids in our Learning Lambs Sunday School class continue to be captivated by the art in The Read with Me Bible and the Super Heroes Bible as well!

  2. Got my three copies of “The Few” this week and they are everything I knew they would be. Great product, great message. Great art, great script. Did I mention “great”?
    Thanks for producing this series!

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