Category: Work In Progress

Brand New Old Stuff!

In 2011, I got an INSTAGRAM account, but never really used it because it was a “phone-only” app and extremely difficult to post artwork with, but I just discovered a workaround and now I can post artwork directly to Instagram from my computer. Now… Continue Reading “Brand New Old Stuff!”

Behind The Scenes

A look behind the curtain as Todd and I put a comic book together. Dennis: Hey Todd, how ’bout something like this for the cover on the first comic.  Todd: Looks good, let’s do it. (a couple of days later) Dennis: Ok Todd, the covers are done. Here’s… Continue Reading “Behind The Scenes”

Hogan’s Heroes

When I was a kid, I really enjoyed watching Hogan’s Heroes on TV, so it was pretty exciting when this job rolled across my desk. The magazine article is built around the old television show and the editor originally just wanted me to draw… Continue Reading “Hogan’s Heroes”