Creating A Few Panels


The next three issues of THE FEW are officially underway. Here’s a snapshot of how I create a single panel of art for a page in the comic.

I take the written script, “massage” the text to make it work in a picture format, create a really simple rough of the entire story and send it to the editor for approval. When I receive the go ahead, I refine the art, put it on a light table, do a tight pencil drawing, scan that into the computer an add color with Photoshop.

All I need to do now is repeat this process about three hundred times and the next three comics will be ready to send to the printer.

5 Comments on “Creating A Few Panels

  1. I admire your work and your style. Your characters are so appealing! Thank you for sharing your process with us.

  2. where we can buy the first 3 issues? I would love to get the comics. Great Work!!!


    • Nate, the delivery system for acquiring physical copies of the first three comics is running a little behind schedule, but as soon as it is ready to go I will let everybody know. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Ever inspiring. Love to see a little Instagram-style video of any part of this process. As a less accomplished cartoonist I am especially interested in the process that gets you from FINISHED PENCIL into PHOTOSHOP and beyond. AND … the four panels you provided are quite inspiring as is! Have you ever considered doing a basic cartooning book for young artists OR grown ups who NEED to put visual thinking back into their tool box? In my most recent book, “HATCH!:Brainstorming Secrets of A Theme Park Designer” the is a chapter (The Doodle Factor) added at the very last minute. It contains a 16 page “McNair’s Fearless Field Guide To Doddle” and has been a huge, surprise hit with reader who never even tried to doodle “because I can’t even draw stick figures.” (I HATE THAT PHRASE.) All that to say my little “Field Guide” has been very popular and my skills are far less deft then yours. Heck, I’d buy, read, use, and promote a Dennis Jones Cartooning Made Easy book … maybe The Jones BROTHERS can’t Cartooning Encyclopedia” ! ! !

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