Behind The Scenes


A look behind the curtain as Todd and I put a comic book together.

Dennis: Hey Todd, how ’bout something like this for the cover on the first comic. 

Todd: Looks good, let’s do it.

(a couple of days later)


Dennis: Ok Todd, the covers are done. Here’s the back cover.


Todd: Cool… I thought we decided to wrap the artwork around and onto the back of the comic?


(a couple of days later)


5 Comments on “Behind The Scenes

  1. Blown away by your work as usual! …I assume, when you are ready, you’ll let us admiring fans know how best to purchase a copy or two? Excited to see it and wishing you luck & great success with this adventure. Amazing as always!

  2. Unbelievably charming and appealing!! I always particularly enjoy looking at the way you render hair — it’s so cool to look at, but actually makes me tired thinking of all the pencil mileage!!

    So when you originally designed the characters in the shop for the front cover you didn’t know you would have to extend it somehow for the back cover?? That makes your finished piece all the more amazing — what an inspired idea to show more characters outside through the shop window, pretty much tripling the amount of hair rendering!! :o)

    I think I preferred ‘The NEXT’ logo that you used in your promo clip – it was more mysterious and intriguing than the one on the cover here.

    The phone, the stuff in the barrel, the candle sconce – they all made me smile, but not as much as seeing your logo on the coffee mug/pencil holder!

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