Jonah… Man On The Run


About a month ago, I was asked to help out with the upcoming sermon series at my church. The next thing you know, I’m knee deep in creating a mini Jonah comic book… which you can have for free if you happen to find yourself in Fort Wayne, Indiana on a Sunday morning at The Pointe Church. My main character seemed to morph into Wolverine with a set of pork chop sideburns and he somehow ended up on a crab boat in the Bering Sea so… all in all… an extremely accurate portrayal of the Biblical story by me… especially that crab boat part!!


Derek Taylor, (the church design guy) who directed this project gave me a layout to follow and some really great art direction such as… “ugly vomit scene, the grosser the better” ha! Derek then took the art assets I created and put together this really great promotional trailer.

8 Comments on “Jonah… Man On The Run

  1. Dear dennis,

    thank you for information : )

    Unfortunately, I live far from Fort Wayne : (

    Fortunately, I can imagine how beautiful and attractive your comic book of Jonah.

    I hope and wish that this comic for someone becomes a shortcut to experience the living God : )

    Stjepan Moškatelo Croatia

  2. Hey Dennis, I love your work and would love to get my hands on a copy of Jonah but I too live a fer piece from Ft Wayne. Is there a way to acquire a copy?

    Love the trailer. Very, very cool.

  3. Fantastic! Great work guys. I’m thinking the comic approach would make a great teen VBS theme too. Thought about that? Keep up the great stuff.

  4. Pictures are very attractive and words are fine! I like “NIneverh’s spring”. God bless you. I’m studying about Jonah; wrote a novel about him and am trying to improve it. I put “softening” in my work, thanks to you.

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